Factory Direct Sell 118 Type T Series Black Six Pin Wall Light Socket Outlet American Standard 220v 16a
American USB socketApplicable regions: United States, Taiwan, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, BrazilMaterial selection: tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic, brushed grain, PC panel
More five-hole multi-function socket
Special process: phosphor tin bronze, 3D three-dimensional wire drawing, exquisite process, fashionable silver, PC flame retardant materialThe medium plate is made of high-quality iron plate with a thickness of 1.2mm. The anti rust paint process is not easy to deform and has high pressure resistance; The screw fastening position adopts the unique design of open mouth, which is more convenient for installation
US Standard Power Strip Surge Protector extension with 4 USB Ports 4 Outlet smart power socket US
3 Outlet Extender Multiple Plug Socket Splitter with Dual USB Charging Ports4ac + 4USB American standard socketUSB intelligent identification and intelligent shuntingPC fireproof material, protecting circuitWide socket spacing, suitable for a variety of plugs
Hotel apartment villa high-end new fashion British European style switch socket High-gloss glass
Thickened tempered glass, high quality, large panel switchAvailable in three colors: gold, black and grayThe panel is equipped with protective film to ensure that it will not be scratched. The film can be removed after installationFlat and smooth panel, easy to clean
EU UK Wall Socket Push Button Switch Electrical Outlet Black Function Key Only Free DIY 55*55mm S6 Series
Product Features:    1. Quick response and easy control.    2. PC material. No change in color, always as new.    3. Fireproof, strengthen protection for the short circuit of the power line.    4. Support OEM customization service: icon, logo, packaging, manual.    5. Professional R&D team and services to meet your needs.    
Gold two-position switch with indicator light, double open 13A multi-function socket
Various switch socket styles: 45A switch with 13A multi-functional socket with switch (with indicator), 45A switch with 13A square corner socket with switch (with indicator), 147 two position shaving socket, two position switch with two position 13A multi-functional socket, two position switch with two position 13A multi-functional socket (with indicator), two position switch with two position 13A square corner socket, two position switch with two position 13A square corner socket (with indicator), kitchen switch 147 type 45A double pole switch (with indicator), 147 blank panel
Luxury plug 3gang home outlets wall AC power modular italian socket
Tempered Glass Plate SocketProduct :triple 3pin Italy Socket Socket Voltage :250V Max / 16A Dimmension:117*72 mm Four colors: white, gold, gray and black1. Customer training servicesWe support our customers in understanding how to use our products better and more efficiently when needed.2. after sales serviceWe provide preventive maintenance and after-sales service. We feel stronglySupport our customers and our product solutions. We also offer a 10-year warranty.
European and German standard socket 86 type tempered glass 16A German and German standard EU usbtype-c power socket
3mm tempered glass, thickened and fully tempered, effectively resisting falling injuryUpgraded and thickened one-piece copper parts, with improved color and texture, wear resistance and not easy to scratchStrong conductivity, oxidation resistance and wear resistance
One single control switch white
One open single control wall socket switch 86 type panel switchFactory direct sales, quality assuranceABS plastic panel, simple and elegantChemical corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, reduce accidentsInsulated steel frame base, stable and durable
Best Quality Gold two-position switch with indicator light with USB double open 13A multi-function socket Factory
Some features :Overall retardant、Resistance to high temperature、Delivery fast、Safe hole position、Current stability、Quality assuranceThe shell is made offlame retardant PC material, which issafe and durable. High strength flame retardant materialresistant to high temperature fire!
Gold luxury stainless steel panel switch socket
Gold luxury stainless steel panel switch socketFluorescent lampThe light is soft and easyto identify, providing a safeguide for the elderly andchildren to get up at night.versatility smooth linesSuitable for a variety of home decoration style.
Two switch multi control switch PC panel switch
One opening, two opening and three opening single control, double control and multi controlTV, computer, telephone and network socketVarious socket stylesMulti three hole and multi five hole USB socketBritish socket, European socket and American socketWith indicator light and separate switch

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